Thomcats Cattery

Bombay kitten, 16 days old
photo: David Thomas

Thomcats is the TICA-registered cattery name for David Thomas and Deborah Reed. Our CFA-registered cattery name is Reedsbreeds. We live near Houston and exhibit our cats mainly in the south central region of the US. We specialize in Bombays.

Our most successful Bombays are

photo: Jim McCauley

SGC Annbirwaves Midnite Raider ("Raider")
TICA 1994 International Best Bombay Kitten

photo: Jim McCauley

SGC Thomcats Aubergine ("Gina")
TICA 1993 International Best Bombay

photo: David Thomas

SGC Thomcats Little Richard ("Ricky")
TICA 1993 International Best Bombay Alter

Gina and Ricky are littermates from our very first litter. Their sire is

photo: David Thomas

SGC Special FX Chiaroscuro ("Kala")

and their dam is

photo: David Thomas

Special FX Olivette ("Olivette")

Thomcats Cattery is owned and operated by

Deborah Reed

Deborah works as a registered nurse at the Texas Heart Institute, and is a TICA certified Master Clerk.

photo: Gerard Scardino, MD

David Thomas

David designs integrated circuits at Texas Instruments, and is the secretary for the Texas Maine Coonfederacy, a local breed club.

Last modified: 10 November 1994

David Thomas