Feline Leukemia Virus

Although my cat has tested positive, it is healthy in all other respects. How can I prevent an FeLV-related disease from becoming active in its system?   2949
Do I have to get my cats vaccinated?   10460
Feline Leukemia References?   11994
How is FeLV detected?   11822
How is it transmitted?   12100
How long does a cat who tests positive have to live?   11526
I already have a cat(s) and I found another which I want to bring home. What precautions should I take regarding FeLV (and other diseases)?   3090
I have an FeLV+ cat and I want to find it a playmate. What should I do?   3705
I have an FeLV+ cat that is otherwise healthy, I do not want to put it to sleep, but I can't keep it. What can I do?   2713
I have an FeLV+ kitten that I have decided to keep. Should I have it neutered/spayed?   2064
I have had several cats for a long time. One of them recently tested positive, but the others have not. Do I need to get rid of the FeLV+ one?   2822
I've heard FELV is like AIDS. Can I catch AIDS or anything else from it?   3343
If I don't get my cat vaccinated, what are its natural defenses against the virus?   5630
If I get my cat vaccinated, isn't there a chance that it will catch the virus from the vaccine?   6737
Is it possible for a cat to test negative when it really is positive?   10204
Is the vaccine expensive and how often do my cats need to be vaccinated?   9291
Is there a vaccine?   9712
Is there any risk in getting my cats vaccinated?   9509
My cat gets sick after it gets vaccinations. Why should I put my cat through that?   5884
My cat has tested positive. Should it be put to sleep?   4036

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