rec.pets.cats FAQ Homepage

Rec.pets.cats (the Usenet group) offers a variety of FAQs (frequently asked questions) to answer general questions people have about cats. These FAQs were originally written in early 1992 and were posted for nearly three years in four parts. Since 1995, revisions and updates mean that there are now many more. I am indebted to many individuals for past and ongoing contributions to this site. These files are also posted in text form to rec.pets.cats.announce.

As of March 1997, rec.pets.cats has split up into several groups. I have the charters stored here for reference.

 * Table of Contents  * Getting A Cat  * General Cat Care
 * Basic Health Care  * Medical Information  * The Outside World
 * Behavior Problems in Cats  * Feline Leukemia Virus  * Feline Infectious Peritonitis
 * Miscellaneous Information  * Tricolor Cats  * Resources
 * Breed Descriptions  * Cat Colors  * Complete FAQ List
 *  * Feline Mailing Lists